Art Diario

Be exposed to great art

Meet Art Diario (that second part is Spanish, dee-arr-ee-o!). A simple MacOS app that changes your wallpaper to a new piece of art each day.

Currently in Beta, send me bug reports!

Just one piece of hand-curated art per day

Chat: Did you see the art today?Chat: Stunning, I’d never heard of this artist beforeMe neither...

Everyone sees the same art, so you can talk about it

What does it look like?

It lives up in the menu bar on your desktop behind a cool Art icon that you can click for more detail.

What it looks like on your desktop


Can I change the art?
Nope. There’s only one piece of hand-curated art per day, and everyone sees the same art.
I like the effect. You passively experience new art every day without having a choice in the matter. It makes it so everyone who has the app can chat about it.
Who curates the art?
Me and my wife do. Sometimes a friend will make a suggestion.
Can I suggest a piece?
Hell yeah, there just needs to be a really high resolution version of it available. Submit it here: Art Suggestions
I want to see the whole art, why is it cropped?
This was originally to scratch my own itch, and I liked to see the art up close in a way that filled my whole desktop. A lot of art is vertically oriented, and it would be rendered in a way that would make the details extremely small on a computer screen.
I still want to see the whole piece
Fine, fine! I get it! I have plans to make it a setting in the future. Please let me know you want it here: Feature Suggestions
How does this make money?
It doesn’t, but it’s pretty cheap to operate (for now at least). I kinda like that it doesn’t make money or want to make money.
How/why did you make this?
I go into an unnecessary amount of detail here.
I want to contact you
Sure, you can reach me at [email protected]
Art Diario

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